• Container ship: Dortsman 2

Container ship: Dortsman 2

Two of the largest container vessels for the European inland waterways have been outfitted by TeamCo Shipyard.. One of these ships is the container ship Dortsman 2: a very complete vessel, with its dimensions making it an imposing appearance on European waterways.

We have delivered multiple vessels to this owner.

Owner Container ship Dortsman 2: A. Loon Shipping

Delivered by TeamCo Shipyard B.V.
Owner A. Loon Shipping
Client A. Loon
Length 135 mtr
Beam 17,10 mtr
Depth 5,50 mtr
Tonnage 6875 tons / 4,17 mtr
Main engine 2 xCat 1520 pk
Wheelhouse Kampers
Pipework Rugotech/TeamCo
Electricity Werkina
Bow thruster Veth, 4K1800 /1700 pk. VS-1300/571 pk
Carpentry Hoogendoorn marine paneling and interior eg.
Delivery date June 2008

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