• Chemical tanker: Tanja Deymann

Chemical tanker: Tanja Deymann 1+2

The Tanja Deymann is a ship equipped with a highly innovative push combination. The ship and the push barges are both independent sailing units equipped with a catalytic converter. In case of fire, hazardous emissions are filtered. The ship was constructed perfectly due to excellent cooperation between TeamCo Shipyard, Combi International and Reederei Deymann.

Owner chemical tanker: Tanja Deymann 1+2 : Shipping company: Deymann

Entire construction TeamCo Shipyard B.V.
Hull supplier Combi-International
Client Reederei GmbH Deymann
Type of ship “C” tankers (push combination)
Total length (push combination) 160,2 mtr.
Barge length 80,8 mtr.
Ship length 84,3 mtr.
Beam 9,60 mtr
Depth 4,7 mtr.
Ship tonnage 1644 T.
Barge tonnage 1615 T.
Main engine 1x Mitsubishi 1278 pk
Catalyser Soottech
Main engine barge 1x Scania 637 pk
Propulsion barge 1x Veth Compact-Jet
Wheelhouses Wessels
Pipework RugoTech
Load/unload systems Leemberg / TeamCo
Cargo pumps Marflex 2x 5 stuks 100m3/hr./st.
Electricity Werkina
Bow thrusters Veth
Carpentry Wessels
Classification Bureau Veritas en I.V.W.

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