• Bunker tanker: Citrine

Bunker tanker: Citrine

As the preferred supplier to Wiljo (Belgium’s largest independent bunker tanker company) TeamCo Shipyard delivered the bunker tankers Tourmaline, Topaz and Citrine. The Citrine measures 135 by 15 metres and has a cargo capacity of 6000 tons. The ship is mainly operating in the ARA-area (Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp). It fills the bunkers of seagoing vessels with its impressive bunker hoist.

Owner bunker tanker Citrine: Tankreederei III S.A.

Delivery complete ship TeamCo Shipyard B.V.
Hull Rensen Shipbuilding B.V.
Client Tankreederei II S.A.
Length 135 mtr.
Beam 15 mtr.
Depth 5,39 mtr.
Tonnage 6194 T
Main engine 2x ABC 1800 pk/st.
Wheelhouse v. EBR
Pipework RugoTech / Teamco
Electricity Werkina
Bow thruster Verhaar
Carpentry Willemsen Interior
Delivery date November 2009

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