Our strength is our personal approach.

Personal approach

No matter the size of the ship, we always honor working with our customers on a small-scale. Our strength is our personal approach, We keep close and personal contact with our customers from the moment we first meet
until the inauguration of the ship. TeamCo Shipyard is already a close and reliable partner long before the first design is created.
With our knowledge and an eye for detail we transform your wishes into tangible solutions. What engine do you pick? What pipelines fit your ship
best, which products do you transport, which routes will you take?

TeamCo Shipyard is closely involved during every step and gives suitable and specific advice.

Our yard

TeamCo Shipyard is preeminently suited for the construction of inland vessels and small seagoing vessels. Our 20.000 square meter yard area consists of:

  • Two modern workshops of each 1100 square meters, both are equipped with overhead cranes with a 12,5 ton lifting capacity and metalworking machines that guarantee a perfect construction of the ship;
  • 280 meter long outfitting quay;
  • Three tower cranes;
  • A parking lot;
  • Six furnished accommodation units.

TeamCo Shipyard works closely according to the rules and regulations issued by
class authorities and the Dutch Ministry of Transport. TeamCo Shipyard is located 500 meters from the picturesque city center of Heusden. Here you will find plenty of shops and restaurants. From the yard you are on the highway within five minutes with direct connections to Antwerp, Rotterdam and Duisburg.

Connecting Specialists




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