We distinguish ourselves

TeamCo Shipyard was founded in 2005 on a beautiful, 100 year old shipyard 2005 in Heusden. Since its founding in 2005, TeamCo Shipyard has been building modern barges and seagoing vessels and has grown into an innovative and customer-oriented specialist. By combining innovation and knowledge, over ten brand new ships leave TeamCo Shipyard on their way to a happy owner annually. TeamCo Shipyard is well known for working on technically challenging projects. By broadening expertise and knowledge, TeamCo Shipyard comes up with solutions that have not yet been invented. -.

TeamCo Shipyard distinguishes itself as a shipyard that thinks along with every customer and gives advice which suits the customer's needs and objectives. .. By working closely with outstanding partners, TeamCo Shipyard has become a connecting specialist: a specialist in linking your desires and goals to smart technical solutions. .? .. .. As a result, TeamCo Shipyard is among the top shipyards in the area of inland and passenger vessels!

Gerrie van Tiem and Marcel Zweers
Managing directors TeamCo Shipyard